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  • Application and energy saving of aluminum silicate fiberboard
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  • Aluminum silicate fiberboard is widely used in furnace insulation and energy saving effect is obvious. The area of the industrial furnace combustion chamber is relatively large, and the design quota is 17T for each furnace, and the gas consumption is 60m "/h". Aluminum silicate fiberboard is used as the lining of industrial furnace, the top of the furnace is 10mm thick, easy to stick, and the side of the furnace is 20mm thick. Self prepared paste 50% of fireclay, 40 of water glass, 10% of water mix up, become thin paste. The proportion should be strictly controlled in the preparation, and materials can not be added more or less. The adhesive is applied to the rough surface of the silicon fiberboard (the silicon fiberboard is pressed with grooves on one side of the factory for a while, and the surface L with the grooves should be brushed). It is good to make the furnace wall have a certain temperature, usually above 10 C. This temperature enables the glued fiberboard to be firmly bonded to the surface of the clean brick quickly. Before pasting, clean the furnace wall first and then wash it with water. This ensures the quality of the paste. After more than three years of burning, it kept well except for a small number of collisions and shedding.
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