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  • Introduction and characteristics of aluminosilicate fiber castable
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  • Product Description:

    The production process of aluminosilicate fiber castable is that Zibo Huayan Refractory Fiber Co., Ltd. crushes aluminosilicate fiber cotton and directly mixes it into various amorphous refractories. Different kinds of matrix materials and binders are selected according to different refractories. The crushed aluminium silicate fibers are added to these bulk materials. The crushed aluminium silicate fibers are stirred and shaped by adding water (the shrinkage of the crushed aluminium silicate fibers reaches 40%-90% when the water content is added).

    Product characteristics:

    Aluminum silicate fiber castables/ceramic fiber castables not only have high temperature resistance, high strength and low shrinkage at high temperature of heavy refractory castables, but also have low thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance of lightweight insulating castables. The thermal conductivity of granular ceramic fiber castables at 500 W is about 0.48 M / K. The appearance of high strength lightweight castables improves the insulation effect of integral casting of furnace wall, but most lightweight insulating castables have low temperature and low strength. At present, although the compressive strength of alumina hollow sphere refractory castables and mullite high strength lightweight castables dried at 110 ~18 MPa, it has little improvement at high temperature, only 25 MPa, and the thermal conductivity of alumina hollow sphere refractory castables is still twice as large as that of ceramic fiber castables at 500 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~50

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