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  • The use and advantages of lightweight brick partition wall
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  • There are several advantages of lightweight insulating bricks:

    1. Light weight: absolute dry bulk density of 500-600 kg/cubic meter, for the general concrete 1/4, clay brick 1/3, hollow brick 1/2, similar to wood, can float in water. It can reduce the weight of buildings and greatly reduce the cost of buildings. Practicability: The use of light bricks can increase the use of area, at the same time, because of aerated concrete insulation, good insulation, in hot summer, indoor temperature than the use of solid clay brick 2-3 degrees lower c, the use of air conditioning, reduce electricity consumption.

    2. Economical, can reduce the cost of the bottom, reduce the cross-section of the frame, save the reinforced concrete can significantly save the cost of building induction. The planned use of lightweight bricks than the use of solid clay bricks, summed up the cost can be reduced by more than 5%, now on the market lightweight thermal insulation bricks a square meter around 40 yuan.

    3. Construction: The lightweight bricks produced by Anrui refractory have excellent machinability and are easy to construct because of their large size and light weight, which can reduce labor intensity, improve construction power and shorten construction period.

    4. Fire prevention: Fire resistance 700 degrees, for class A non-combustible materials, 100 mm thick wall fire resistance function up to 225 minutes, 200 mm thick wall fire resistance function up to 480 minutes.

    5. Sound insulation: Because of the porous structure, with outstanding sound absorption, sound insulation function, 10mm thick wall can reach 41 decibels. Heat preservation: because of the microporous structure inside the material, the insulation is greatly improved. The thermal conductivity is 0.11-0.16W/MK, which is 1/4-1/5 of clay brick.

    6. aseismic: the same building structure has 2 aseismic grades over clay bricks. Impermeability: because the data is composed of many independent small pores, water absorption and moisture conduction is slow, with the volume of water to the full time required is five times the clay brick. When used in toilet, the tiles can be directly posted after the interface is processed. Environmental protection: production, transportation, use process pollution-free, can maintain cultivated land, energy saving and consumption reduction, is a green building materials.

    7. Durability: The strength of the data is stable. After one year of exposure to the atmosphere, the strength is improved by 25%, and remains stable after ten years. Convenience: excellent workability, convenient and convenient construction, shorten construction period. Economics: The cost ratio is reduced by more than 5% compared with the solid clay brick, and the application area can be increased, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of the building area.

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