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  • Formulation design of refractory castables
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  • The formulation design of refractory castables includes two parts: application design parameters and material design parameters.

    The refractory castables used under the set daily standard conditions need to consider the combination of raw materials, manufacturing technology, material assembly (construction) and application technology.

    The daily standard of formula design is to find a balance between material properties and application conditions.

    Usually, the type of refractory and the quality of the material in the stove are determined according to the operating conditions of the actual stove (operating temperature, the atmosphere in the stove and the joint state of dust, steam and liquid, and/or slag, etc.) and the characteristics of the slag. If the castable is selected as the target village, the materials suitable for the use conditions, the suitable combination system and the additives which can further improve and improve the performance should be selected, so that the refractories with better performance can be made.

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