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  • Surface activator of castable
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  • Surface activator is a kind of material (substance) that can change the surface tension of fluid or the interfacial tension of two phases. Many admixtures are surface activator. When refractory castables are mixed, a very small amount of surface activator can significantly change the interfacial boundary (surface) surface energy of materials, and play a role of cavity wetting, physicochemical, dispersing, reducing water, solubilizing, cavity. Slippage.

    The molecule of surface activator is generally composed of polar hydrophilic group and non-loose polophilic group (part of carbon a chain). According to the electrified condition of dissolved human water, it is divided into two types: ionic and non-ionic. The former can be divided into three types: field, neutral and negative. Anionic surfactants, such as alkaline alkaline salts, dissociate into ions in water, and the acting groups are bright ions; the acting groups of open ion surfactants are positive gallons; and both of the two ions in amphoteric surfactants act. Non-ionic surfactants, such as fatty alcohols after a, can not dissociate into ions in water, without charge or strong absorption. The group containing a acts. In surface activator, water reducer is the most widely used.

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