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  • Reasons for bursting of refractory castables for cement kiln
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  • During the inspection period, the explosion problem of refractory castables is more prominent. Every year in China, due to the failure of anti-explosion measures of refractory castables for kiln lining, the explosion and collapse of castables for kiln head cover and cooler occur. The situation.

    In order to improve the operation rate and production efficiency of rotary kiln and reduce production costs, most cement production enterprises have the problems of heavy production tasks and short maintenance time. For cement production enterprises, the time for intermediate and overhaul is generally controlled at 8-15 days. In China, cement kilns usually use low-cement series refractory castables with hydraulic bonding, whose construction, maintenance and baking must meet a certain period of time. Therefore, under the condition of short construction period and quick baking, it is easy to burst the castables. Phenomena, especially some special bidding castables, burst in the production line baking and feeding, had to stop the kiln to re-pour, bringing unnecessary losses to enterprises.

    The reasons for the burst of cement kiln are:

    1. Each cement production enterprise has a heavy production task. A production line with a daily output of 5,000 tons of cement has a daily production capacity of about 1 million yuan. Therefore, most cement factories have the situation that overhaul is necessary to seize time. In order to open the kiln as soon as possible, they have to compress the curing and baking time of castables.

    2. At present, the refractory castables used in cement kilns in China are mainly made of SI02 and A1203 systems, and the binder is fast-hardening and high-strength cement with aluminate cement as the main binder. This requires that the castables have sufficient maintenance time and reasonable baking system after construction, and the time required is longer.

    3. Maintenance of China's cement industry is basically entrusted to the furnace company to carry out, the professional level of the construction team, whether the construction is standardized or not have a trap effect on the construction quality and use effect of refractory castable.

    4. Some special parts of cement kiln, such as front kiln products, kiln head cover, top and side wall of cooler, etc., have difficulty in baking. For these parts, some cement enterprises do not need firewood to bake at all, and some enterprises only bake for a short time. During the baking stage of the burner, because of the control of the process parameters of the cement kiln, the hot air flow propagates and radiates to the kiln tail system at a certain speed, but only part of the radiated heat energy to the kiln head cover and cooler. This part of the heat is not enough to make the free water in the castable fully discharged. When starting the feeding production, the hot air flow in the system returns to the kiln head in a short time. At the same time, the high temperature clinker begins to accumulate in the kiln head cover, causing the kiln head cover, the temperature of the cooler part to rise sharply. Phenomenon.

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