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  • Classification of refractory materials
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  • It is necessary to classify refractories scientifically in order to facilitate scientific research, rational selection and management. There are many classification methods for refractories, including chemical attribute classification, chemical mineral composition classification, production process classification, material morphology classification and other methods.

    1. According to refractoriness:

    Ordinary refractories: 1580 ~ 1770 C

    Advanced refractories: 1770 C to 2000 C

    Super class refractory: >2000 C

    2. According to the shape and size of the products, they are divided into:

    Standard type: 230mm * 114mm * 65mm;

    No more than 4 measuring feet, (size ratio) Max:Min<4:1;

    Irregular shape: no more than 2 concave angles, (size ratio) Max:Min<6:1;

    Or an acute angle of 50~70 degrees;

    Specific type: (size ratio) Max:Min<8:1;

    Or not more than 4 concave angles; or having an acute angle of 30~50 degrees;

    Special products: crucible, utensils, pipes, etc.

    3. According to the manufacturing method, refractories can be divided into:

    Fired products, non fired products, amorphous refractories

    4. classification by chemical properties of materials:

    Acid refractories, neutral refractories, basic refractories

    5. classify by chemical mineral composition.

    This classification can directly characterize the basic composition and characteristics of various refractories. It is a common classification in production, use and scientific research. It has a strong practical significance.

    Siliceous (silica)



    Magnesia, magnesia, magnesia, magnesia and siliceous

    Carbon composite refractories

    Zirconium refractory

    Special refractory materials

    6. classification of unshaped refractories (classified according to usage)


    Spray coating



    Pressing material

    slinger mix


    dry vibration mix

    Self flow castable

    Refractory mud

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