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  • Perlite has excellent performance and good market prospects.
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  • Perlite has a wide range of applications and a bright market prospect at home and abroad. At present, the annual output of expanded perlite in China has exceeded 6 million cubic meters, ranking the most used thermal insulation material in China.

    According to the statistics of relevant departments, the proportion of expanded perlite in the market is about 60% in construction projects, 30% in heat pipe insulation and 10% in decorative materials, so it is mainly used for building energy saving and equipment and pipeline insulation.

    The raw perlite ore has become a kind of mineral filler with certain function by fine grinding, ultrafine grinding and surface chemical treatment. It can be widely used in rubber, plastic, cable, paint, ink and other industries. Lightweight insulation building materials glass beads, spherical closed-cell perlite, light product quality, not easy to aging, waterproof and heat insulation, suitable for high-rise buildings and light wall, pipeline insulation, etc.

    Preliminary results have been achieved in the use of perlite for animal feed and crop cultivation, whether as an additive to animal feed, a bedding material in chicken cages (, a filler, an additive to prevent hardening and improve fluidity, or as a carrier, absorbent or adsorbent for veterinary preparations, pesticides, fertilizers, trace elements. Or used to separate and culture substrates and other uses.

    It can also be made into composite lightweight functional board perlite insulation board, the product not only has light bulk density, but also high strength. Expanded perlite is the preferred substrate for roof insulation and soilless culture. It has a bright future in roof insulation, agriculture, plant and horticulture. Perlite filter aid has shown that the effect of perlite filter aid is much better than that of diatomite.

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